The 2017 ACEC/Iowa Engineering Excellence Awards winning projects in the Buildings and Systems Category, in the order listed ( Grand Place Award Winner press release document):

Buildings and Systems Grand Place Award (1st Place in Category)

Firm: Shive-Hattery
Client/Owner: Oaknoll Retirement Residence
Project: Oaknoll Retirement Residence Spring Street Facility Expansion Project
Contact: Mr. Eric Hendrickson, PE, Shive-Hattery
E-mail: ehendricksen@shive-hattery.com  ~ Phone: 319-354-3040
Oaknoll Retirement Residence Spring Street Facility Expansion


Oaknoll Retirement Residence Spring Street Facility Expansion



The courtyard is organized into multiple nodes for interaction, dining, and relaxing.  The water feature masks sound from the adjacent street and completes the spa like atmosphere.

Many senior living facilities reflect on the past for architectural design influences.  Oaknoll Retirement Residence has embraced another model, looking to the future as a positive image.  This is reflected not only in their care models but also in the architectural design of their facilities that promote social, contemporary, and environmentally sensitive design.  Shive-Hattery and Oaknoll Retirement Residence recently completed a 230,000 square foot expansion that successfully addresses the concerns of all stakeholders including using sustainable practices, providing easily controlled and energy efficient systems, offering a variety of spaces for community engagement both public and private, and using available funds wisely without cutting corners

The project looks to the future by incorporating sustainable building practices and materials. Designed to be 65% more efficient than baseline buildings the project incorporates geothermal heating and cooling, abundant natural light, LED lighting and a well-insulated envelope.  These measures earned the project a $922,818.00 rebate from the local utility company.  In additional to the reduction of energy use, other sustainable design considerations for this project included donating an existing house on the property to Habitat for Humanity and the collection and control of rain water through the courtyard to prevent overflow in the surrounding neighborhood.

When planning a project with an owner, many decisions are made based on cost.  Often, however, the only cost considered is the initial cost.  This project was successful because of diligent, comprehensive, and thoughtful engineering that weighed the initial value of all components versus the life cycle cost associated with maintenance and operation.

As with all projects, the new addition at Oaknoll presented its share of challenges.  The greatest challenge the architects and engineers faced was the vertical space within which the addition would exist.  Limitations on the maximum height of the building were a consideration to maintain an acceptable appearance within the mostly residential neighborhood.  In addition to aesthetics, because the building was located in the flight path to a local airport, the Federal Aviation Administration also placed restrictions on the maximum building height.  Shive-Hattery had to think outside the box to meet the owner’s wants with the limitations set forth.

By setting goals and expectations and having the contractor involved early in the design process, Shive-Hattery was able to meet the needs of the owner and the residents.  This is evidenced by the nearly one million dollar rebate Oaknoll received from the local energy company for its low energy consumption and the highly sought after units, all sixty nine of which were sold prior to project completion with another one hundred prospective residents on a waiting list.

Shive-Hattery is a 370-person architecture and engineering firm with offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and West Des Moines, Iowa; Bloomington, Chicago, and Moline, Illinois; and Valparaiso, Indiana. For more information, visit www.shive-hattery.com.

Buildings and Systems Honor Award (2nd place in category)

Project: CRST Center
Firm: Shuck-Britson, Inc.
Client/Owner: Cedar Real Estate Group III, LLC

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