The 2017 ACEC/Iowa Engineering Excellence Awards winning projects in the Water & Wastewater Category, in the order listed (Grand Place Award Winner press release document):

Water and Wastewater Grand Place Award (1st Place in Category)

Firm: HDR
Client/Owner: Iowa Premium
Project: Iowa Premium WWTP Improvements Project
Contact: Mr. Brian Bakke, PE, HDR
E-mail: Brian.Bakke@hdrinc.com ~ Phone: 319-354-3040
Iowa Premium WWTP Improvements

Aerial Photo of Iowa Premium WWTF

(Tama, Iowa, xx, 2017) – HDR partnered with Iowa Premium to reinvigorate a meat packing plant that closed its doors 10 years ago, and design an accompanying wastewater treatment plant to meet current and future discharge requirements. A tight schedule led Iowa Premium to select HDR, teamed with Gridor Construction, to provide design-build delivery for the wastewater treatment plant. But when funding challenges came into play and the project was delayed, HDR shifted their focus to work directly with Iowa Premium for permitting and stormwater pollution prevention planning so they’d be ready to restart the project when additional funding was in place.

Once funding was secured, Iowa Premium gave our HDR | Gridor team the green light to move forward. In less than 11 months, Iowa Premium’s $7.2 million dollar wastewater treatment plant evolved from an idea to an operational facility. Thinking ahead, HDR designed a custom treatment plant to achieve nitrogen and phosphorus limits beyond the average scope so future discharge limits can be achieved with minimal process changes.  The new state-of-the-art treatment plant incorporated several design aspects that reduced cost, construction and start-up schedule and improved operational efficiency.   The facility includes the following unit processes:

  • Anaerobic Lagoon Influent Pump Station
  • Anaerobic Lagoon Rehabilitation including adding covers, sludge removal piping and new liners.
  • Biogas Blower Building and Biogas Flare
  • Anaerobic Effluent Pump Station
  • Meter Vault for Influent and RAS
  • Lagoon Return Lift Station
  • Aeration Basin
  • Two Final Clarifiers and Influent Splitter Structure
  • Basin Drain/Scum Pit Manhole
  • Operations Building that Housed the Following:
    • Aeration Blowers
    • RAS/WAS Pumps
    • SCADA system
    • Wet Lab for the collection and Analysis of Samples

To keep costs in check, the wastewater treatment plant is designed to capture biogas produced in anaerobic lagoons and reuse it for energy in the meat packing plant at some point in the future. With start-up on the horizon, Iowa Premium enlisted HDR to provide contract wastewater operators for the facility so they can focus on getting their business up and running.   Bringing Iowa Premium’s plant to life is making a big impact on a small community. It’ll support local family farms by providing a place to process their Black Angus cattle, and create 600 new jobs.

Water and Wastewater Honor Award (2nd place in category)

Project: Hills Municipal Water System Project
Firm: Fox Engineering
Client/Owner: City of Hills

Water and Wastewater Engineering Achievement Award

Project: City of Manchester Trunk Sewer Line Project
Firm: Fehr Graham Engineering & Environmental
Client/Owner: City of Manchester

Project: Cedar Rapids East Side Interceptor Repair Project
Firm: HR Green
Client/Owner: City of Cedar Rapids

Project: Newhall Wastewater Treatment System Improvements Project
Firm: HR Green
Client/Owner: City of Newhall

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