Iowa Guide to QBS 

Why QBS is the owner’s preferred method of selecting design services
Fee-based selection of engineers, architects and landscape architects on public projects is prohibited by Iowa law.  Click here to learn why this is the law in nearly every state in the country and is required on all federal funded projects.  But it’s not just the law, it is the selection process that provides the public owner with innovation and efficiency and drives savings on projects designed to fit the needs of the owner.

QBS is easy to implement
Using a qualification-based selection process is an easy process for you to implement.  Click here for sample templates to help you select the firm that will design your project within the scope and fee you have agreed to.

  • Sample form requesting scope of services
  • Invitation to submit qualifications
  • How to evaluate statement of qualifications
  • How to review references
  • Memo to firms not selected for further consideration
  • Memo to firms selected for further consideration
  • Sample form to evaluate short-listed firms
  • Sample form to tally score on short-listed firms
  • Sample letter announcing final selections

“Price” is a factor on any project, but you won’t really know the “price” until you have agreed to the scope of services to deliver the project the owner needs and expects.  Click here for FAQs to help you identify the most qualified firm for your project.

Click Here for  Presentation on QBS Value and Promoting Innovation